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Who is Jamey?

"Attitude reflects leadership."

If you are not happy with the energy, attitude, and culture of your team then it is time to contact Jamey.


Jamey has set out to lay a foundation for success through teaching leadership skills that will empower individuals and teams to exceed their potential through harnessing and directing their mind. 


His experience coaching at every level, from executive leadership, elementary school students, to professional athletes (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, PGA), has taught him valuable lessons in leadership, organizational development, mindset management, and performance.

Before starting his own business, Jamey worked for the Cleveland Browns as the Director of Sports Science. Prior to that he worked with Ignition APG while also serving as a Sports Science Consultant for the Cincinnati Bengals. Mroz also coached at Vanderbilt University, New York Giants, New York Jets, Southeastern Louisiana University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, as well as Boston College and Harvard University football.


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