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develop self sustaining mental skills for long-term success

Educate, Illustrate & Motivate

The Mroz Mission is to lay a foundation for success through mental skills that will empower individuals to thrive.

through inspiring, teaching and promoting productive habits. 


#TheMrozMission is to lay a foundation for success through mental skills and techniques that will empower individuals to thrive.


Jamey Mroz helps students, coaches, managers and corporations build and develop self sustaining mental skills for long term success. He teaches mental skills to improve daily life productivity and overall happiness through:

  • Interactive Workshops

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Leadership Consulting

  • Player Clinics


As an important component of his programs, Jamey offers a variety of interactive workshops that can be tailored to best suit student needs.

The workshops aim to increase self-confidence, positive self-image, and self-awareness.


Coaches and students will walk away with the following skills and repeatable habits:

  • Performance Profile

  • Attention Control

  • Positive Self-Talk

  • Increased Concentration

  • Goal Setting & Tracking

  • Imagery

  • Arousal Regulation

  • Visualization

  • Confidence

  • Mental Toughness

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Inspire, teach, and promote productive habits.

Jamey Mroz is currently the Sports Scientist for the Cleveland Browns, a Mental Skills Coach and Keynote Speaker.

Jamey Mroz’s Coaching Background:

UMASS Amherst, Strength Conditioning Assistant

Harvard University, Strength Conditioning Assistant

Boston College, Strength Conditioning Assitant

Southeastern Louisiana University, Assistant Strength Coach

New York Jets, Training Camp Strength and Conditioning Intern

New York Giants, Strength and Conditioning Coaching Assistant

Vanderbilt University, Assistant Director of football sports performance

IgnitionAPG, Sports Scientist

Cincinnati Bengals, Strength and Conditioning Coaching Assistant

Cleveland Browns, Sports Scientist

Prior to working with the Browns, Mroz worked with Ignition APG. While with Ignition, he served as a Sports Science Consultant for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015. In 2014, Mroz served as the assistant director of football sports performance at Vanderbilt University after working for the New York Giants as a strength and conditioning coaching assistant in 2013.


Mroz got his full-time start in strength and conditioning at Southern Louisiana University as an assistant strength coach from 2011-12 where he earned a master’s degree in Kinesiology. He also gained experience as a strength and conditioning intern at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, as well as Boston College Olympic Strength and Conditioning and with the Harvard University football team.


Mroz played linebacker at Merrimack College before finishing his career at Springfield College. Mroz went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Springfield. A native of Salem, Mass., Mroz attended Amesbury High School.

Jamey Mroz provides a better understanding of your abilities & ultimately how to achieve peak performance

Individuals will be involved throughout the workshop and prompted to participate for personal application

Four Part 60 – 90 minute session

–Building mental skills foundation

–Assessment of skills

–Personal application & implementation

–Executing continued growth 


Each participant receives a guide to evaluate their use of mental skills.


Jamey will work with you to understand the students’ and coaches’ needs’ and develop a game plan that delivers relevant information and skills tailored to the organization’s needs.

Individuals can take charge and become more confident about decision making.

Good for your employees, students’ and coaches’ personal growth and long-term success.

•Allowing you to pursue goals by helping empower and develop skillsets


•Individuals can take charge and become more confident about decision making

•Jamey will help you get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and how to increase overall productivity and success

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